Electric Cargo Bikes

An electric cargo bike is designed to carry your cargo from A to B. It’s easy, efficient and fun thanks to the motorised assistance you get as you pedal. Whether it’s packages, pets or children, whatever you need to move, our cargo bikes will help you move it. Whether you’re using it for business or family, an electric cargo bike gives you freedom, saves you money and reduces your impact on the environment.

For deliveries and business: Electric cargo bikes are the perfect way to reduce the environmental impact of urban deliveries. The latest technologies ensure ease of use and massive cost savings when compared with the traditional ‘white van’.

For families and fun: Transporting children or doing the weekly shop by cargo bike can be fun. The assistance of an electric motor makes them a viable, healthy eco-friendly alternative to a car for most journeys.

Fleet Support

Service, support and maintenance available

Rider training

"Cargo bike confidence" rider training available