For Families and Fun

Whether you’re transporting children or pets from A to B, going for a family cycle ride or doing your weekly shopping, you can have fun while you do it when you use an electric cargo bike

Not only is the electric cargo bike an enjoyable way to travel but it saves you money, improves your health and wellbeing and gives you a sense of freedom that you just don’t get when you’re behind the wheel of a car.
As an extra bonus, you’re also helping to save the planet as you’re enjoying the wind in your hair.

Saving Money

The more journeys you do by bike, the more money you save on fuel and car maintenance. Cargo bike users also report huge savings on parking costs, congestion charges and no illegal parking fines. Some people find that they enjoy using a cargo bike so much they get rid of a family car for even bigger cost savings!

Improving Health and Wellbeing

Cycling instead of driving has obvious health benefits because you’re being physically active instead of static behind the wheel. Electric cargo bikes allow you to get fitter as you travel. People with electric bikes do 4 times the amount of cycling than people with non-electric bikes – the extra assistance you get from the motor actually empowers you to move more and get fitter because it’s so easy. It’s a fun activity and because it’s fun, you’re more motivated to get out and do it.This connection with the world around you combined with the physical exercise and enjoyment of the journey improves your mental health and wellbeing and leaves you feeling motivated, energised and free.

Enjoying Freedom

You don’t have to worry about traffic, congestion or getting to harder-to-reach places… With an electric cargo bike, you get to avoid all of that and to choose the routes you want.

Driving a car separates you from the world around you. You’re restricted to certain routes and have to react to things that are beyond your control. With a cargo bike, you have much more control. You’re proactively choosing where to go and what routes to take. You can use tarmac, tracks or grass. You’re a part of the world around you and you have time to take it all in and to notice the things you miss when you’re driving. If you’re carrying children or pets, they’re also enjoying the fresh air and the wind in their hair while they’re travelling with you.

You benefit from a huge glow of satisfaction when you arrive at your destination, energised from your journey and knowing that you’re looking after you and your family’s health.