Deliveries and Business

Electric cargo bikes are cheaper, greener and get the job done quicker.
Whether you’re a business, council, health trust or charity, it’s a no brainer to start using cargo bikes to save money, reduce the environmental impact of urban deliveries and improve your productivity.
Switching from cars and vans to electric cargo bikes couldn’t be easier with Spoke and Motor to help you do it.


Using electric cargo bikes instead of vans and cars saves you money on:
• Purchase costs
• Maintenance and insurance
• Road tax
• Congestion charges
• Parking fees/fines
• Fuel


You get to enhance your brand’s value by upping your green credentials:

• Contribute to a cleaner and greener urban environment (e-cargo bikes cut carbon emissions by 90% compared to diesel vans and up to a third compared to electric vans – thus reducing air pollution too)
• Walk the green walk rather than talking the green talk: become known as an organisation which cares about making a difference to the health of the planet (in a recent study e-cargo bikes were shown to save up to 4 tons of CO2 over 100 days)
• Raise awareness of green issues and proactively keep it high on your agenda
• Show you care about the planet and your workforce


Not only are electric cargo bikes cheaper and greener but they also get the job done quicker:
• Eliminate problems with congestion, traffic and delivery times
• Have more control in managing your own logistics (in city centres the average is 6 drop offs per hour in a van compared to 10 per hour on a cargo bike)
• No need to rely on outside logistics companies – no more losing time and resources on lost or damaged packages, refunds, or excessive packaging costs
• Get easy access to those harder-to-reach locations and do more deliveries in less time (some studies have shown that electric cargo bikes are 60% faster than vans in city centres)

Bonus Benefit – a happier, healthier and higher performing workforce!

By getting your workforce out of their cars and vans and onto bikes, you’re also improving your productivity:

• You’re encouraging a healthier and more physically active workforce
• You’re enhancing the wellbeing, mental health and motivation of your team (employees who ride bikes report higher levels of job satisfaction and overall well-being)
• Employees enjoy riding bikes, benefit from the freedom of being outdoors, being part of the world around them, staying physically active and feeling more positive. All of this improves individual and business performance.

At Spoke and Motor, we want to make it easy for you to save money and go green, so we sell high-quality, well-built and reliable cargo bikes which are a joy to ride. We provide you and your workforce with Confidence Courses for Cargo Bikes so that your riders are confident and enthusiastic about using them, and we offer UK Limited Companies a variety of leasing options to suit all budgets. We can also help with managing electric bike libraries.

Contact us to find out more, discuss your travel or delivery needs and to arrange a demonstration.