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The Multicharger Range

Built to order by Riese and Muller

Take everything in your stride

A day trip, luggage to move or a few days camping, no matter what adventure awaits you, the Multicharger will help you take it in your stride.

The Multicharger is a workhorse with agility that leaves a lasting impression on everyone that rides it.

The perfect alternative to a car? Start your adventure now!

Choose your own specification

Spoke and Motor are approved Riese and Muller specialist eCargo bike dealers. We will guide you through the various models and available options, let you try a demonstrator and give you help with a grant application if required.

Riese and Muller eCargo bikes are built to order at their factory in Germany. This ensures that you get a bike that is perfect for you, or your business and makes buying it an enjoyable, memorable and rewarding experience.

Our aim is to help get more people using eCargo bikes as a viable alternative to cars and vans.