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The Samedi 29 Trail Range

by Moustache Bikes

Feel the balance

You feel the knowledge, experience and expertise of Moustache whenever you ride the Samedi 29 Trail. Balanced geometry combines with exclusive suspension kinematics to produce a world beating electric trail bike that is stable yet manoeuvrable and gives you an amazing feeling whether climbing or racing downhill.

Grip, grip and more grip

The Moustache 29" 6061E aluminium rims are asymmetric for the best distribution of spoke tension. With a specific profile and a welded joint for optimal strength, they are equipped with Maxxis Assegai WT tires that are specially designed for wide rims. The tire does not bend on the rim and the knobbles remain in the optimal position for the highest level of grip.

Bosch performance

The high-performance Bosch motor is centre mounted and ensures power assistance that feels smooth and natural. It works in conjunction with a Bosch Display unit and PowerTube battery to clearly show, amongst other things, your speed, selected assistance level and battery range.

In keeping with UK e-bike law, the motor gives performance assistance up to a maximum of 15.5 mph but you can use pedal-power to go faster due to the friction-less, energy saving characteristics of the Bosch motor.