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The Dimanche 28 Range

by Moustache

You and your bike in harmony

The Dimanche 28 is a true performance road bike that is perfect for long rides. Its “endurance" geometry is partnered with a short stem and ergonomic handlebar with a short drop and reach to ensure a balanced, comfortable riding position.

Bosch performance assistance

The high-performance, Bosch Active Line Plus motor is quiet, light and reliable and gives smooth, natural, performance assistance up to a maximum of 15.5 mph in keeping with the UK e-bike law after which your speed is only limited by the muscles in your legs.

Up hill and down dale

Using the finest components available, Moustache have developed an electric road bike that multiplies your capabilities up to the highest pedal cadences.

The Shimano drivetrain offers you a large range of gear ratios so even the most extreme climbs or steepest descents can be ridden strongly and confidently. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes compliment the drivetrain and offer total control with excellent “feel”.