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Bosch E-Bike Range Calculator

With the Bosch system, when the rechargeable battery is fully charged, the range depends first and foremost on the level of support selected by the rider. Eco mode with its 40% support enables a greater range than using the powerful Turbo mode with support of up to 340%.

Other important influencing factors are:

  • Route profile (flat or hilly)
  • Wind conditions (tailwind or headwind)
  • Tyre pressure (check your tyre pressures every week)
  • Overall weight of rider and luggage
  • Air temperature (the battery's performance is less when its below freezing)
  • Battery capacity (400Wh, 500Wh, 625Wh or Dual Battery)
  • Age of the rechargeable battery (an old battery holds less charge than a new one)
  • Rider's own pedal power

Use the Bosch E-Bike Range Calculator to help you find the expected range for your bike, motor and battery combination that you are interested in, taking into consideration your style of riding, type of terrain and the wind conditions.

Click here for the Bosch Range Calculator  (opens in a separate window)