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Bosch Nyon Display

The Bosch Nyon display gives you a fully connected eBike experience. It connects with your smartphone via the Bosch eBike Connect app and exchanges data about routes and activities.

The clear, colour display acts as a guide when exploring previously unknown places and doubles up as a personal trainer by providing fitness data if required.

The Nyons’ functions can be operated easily via its touchscreen or by means of the separate control unit, situated next to the handlebar grip, while riding.


  • Simple operation - The touchscreen makes the Nyon display exteamly user friendly and the convenient, handlebar mounted, remote control unit enables you to keep your hands on the grips while riding.
  • Fast location finder - The most recent destinations are clearly listed and can be selected directly. In addition, the rider can specify their home or work address in the online portal.
  • Back to the start - The rider's current location can be saved manually so that the rider can navigate back to this starting position at any time.
  • Award-winning design - The 3.2-inch, high-resolution colour display combines smart functions with elegant, Red Dot Design Award, wining style.
  • Optimum readability - The display brightness and backlight automatically adjust to the ambient light giving clear visibility in all light conditions and comes with a special coating that reduces reflections and fingerprints. The rider can choose between a dark or light display to ensure maximum contrast.
  • Individual screens - The user interface on the display can be adapted to the rider's specific preferences. This means that all riders can see the information they need at all times.
  • Always ready for action - The touchscreen of the robust display remains fully functional, even in rainy or dusty conditions. It can even be operated with bike gloves.
  • Smart connectivity functions - Nyon enables the rider to take full advantage of the Bosch eBike world by means of the Bosch eBike app and the online portal. This allows you to synchronise your ride data and relive your journey.
  • Individual user accounts - Each rider can synchronise their ride data with their own individual Bosch eBike account.
  • Software updates - Software updates or new maps can be conveniently downloaded using wi-fi and installed.
  • Fitness check - Set targeted fitness goals and let the Nyons inbuilt computer use pedal force and cadence to calculate your performance. In addition, it also shows calories burned and can be combined with an optional heart rate monitor. This makes it easier to attain fitness goals.

Riding modes

  • Turbo - Direct, maximum power support up to the highest cadences for sporty riding.
  • Sport (eMTB)* - Progressive support for a natural riding sensation and optimal control on demanding terrain.
  • Tour - Uniform support for rides with long ranges.
  • Eco - Effective support with maximum efficiency for the greatest range.
  • Off - No support, all display functions are still available.

*Depending on the bike type, eMTB mode replaces Sport mode in Performance Line and Performance Line CX powered e-bikes.