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Bosch Kiox Display

The Bosch Kiox display enables ambitious sporty riders an easy to use navigation system and access to the digital world via the Bosch eBike Connect smartphone app. The robust colour display clearly shows riding data at a glance.

The Kiox display can record your trips and send all the relevant data via Bluetooth to your phone. To enable riders to get the most out of training, the Kiox can be connected to a heart rate monitor via Bluetooth making it the perfect companion for athletic rides and connected biking adventures.


  • Navigation - The Kiox navigation function helps you to explore unfamiliar areas. Navigation is started using the smartphone then connected to the Kiox display via Bluetooth. The planned ride on the display is indicated as a line showing the rider the route.
  • Precise orientation - Ideal for sporty riders, The view on the display rotates in the direction of movement while riding and Kiox also shows the distance to the destination. This makes it very easy to navigate tracks.
  • Easy route planning - Simply plan your routes using the Bosch eBike Connect app or online portal then send them to your Kiox display.
  • Customisable display - The display can be easily configured You choose which information is most important to you. by displayed can be easily configured on Kiox and adapted to your own preferences. This enables riders to focus purely on the thing they are enjoying.
  • Recording activities - The link to the connected eBike world of Bosch: All relevant riding data is recorded by Kiox and transmitted via Bluetooth to the eBike Connect app. All activities can be evaluated after the trip in the app or online portal.
  • Automatic synchronisation - All information at your fingertips at all times: Data is automatically synchronised by Bluetooth between Kiox and the app. Even software updates can be loaded comfortably and wirelessly on the on-board computer.
  • Fitness data - The Kiox display' inbuilt computer provides a full range of training data in real time including the rider's cadence, calories burnt and personal performance. This information can be used to increase motivation and make it easier to set and attain fitness goals. All recorded fitness data can also be shared with Strava, to give a perfect overview of training.
  • Optimised training - Kiox can be connected to a heart rate monitor using Bluetooth technology enabling riders to check their current pulse rate range at any time and help them to get the most out of their training.
  • Minimalist design - The compact and handy display makes for uncluttered handlebars. The screen features strong colours and a clearly laid out user interface, optimised for the best possible readability.
  • Magnetic mount - The Kiox display can be removed from it's magnetic mount if required and attached to a strap for ease of carrying.
  • Sturdy construction - Scratch-resistant glass and a strong casing ensures that your display can handle all the trails can throw at it.
  • Compact handlebar remote - The buttons of the separate control unit enable the on-board computer to be operated comfortably using your thumb. The distinct, tactile pressure behind the buttons gives the rider clear feedback.

Riding modes

  • Turbo - Direct, maximum power support up to the highest cadences for sporty riding.
  • Sport (eMTB)* - Progressive support for a natural riding sensation and optimal control on demanding terrain.
  • Tour - Uniform support for rides with long ranges.
  • Eco - Effective support with maximum efficiency for the greatest range.
  • Off - No support, all display functions are still available.

*Depending on the bike type, eMTB mode replaces Sport mode in Performance Line and Performance Line CX powered e-bikes.